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when there is no will

Case Study: Intestate Succession

After retiring from the military, Mrs. Smith was on disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. When she passed away from stage 4 cancer, she didn’t have a will. Mr. Smith wondered what the probate process was when an estate is without a will? Probate is a legal process that occurs after someone dies. It involves […]

low cost probates in Texas

Estate Tax Return Requirements

The passing of a loved one can be a difficult time and the responsibilities of being an executor of their estate can add additional stress. In Texas, if you have been named as the executor of a decedent’s estate, it is important to understand the estate tax return requirements to ensure that you are in […]

case study estate with debts

Case Study: No Will, House, & Significant Debts

When Sam and Jamie’s mother passed away in Houston, Texas. They found themselves with an estate to administer but no will to guide them. While Sam resides in the same city as the estate, Jamie lives in Germany, making the coordination even more challenging. The siblings sought legal assistance to navigate the probate process. The […]

standard texas probate

Case Study: Probate for a Standard Texas Probate

Bob needed to talk to a Texas probate attorney as needed guidance on managing a standard estate left by his recently deceased mother. Bob was the executor of the estate as per the mother’s will. The estate included a residence, a vehicle, household contents, and a checking account, all of which needed to be distributed […]