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Probate Articles
11inherit joint bank account

Who Inherits a Joint Bank Account in Texas

It is common for a parent to create a joint bank account with the intent that someone accesses the account to pay for their funeral or last expenses. Who owns this account once the parent dies? What about...
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11How long does probate take in Texas

How Long Does Probate Take in Texas

Yahoo! Finance ran an article entitled “How Long Does Probate Take.” The article sets out several circumstances that can slow down the probate process. The article is not Texas-specific, so many of the circumstances do not really apply...
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11Affidavit form, documents, and gavel on table

Using an Affidavit of Heirship as Evidence of Ownership of an Estate

It is common to see family members reach an informal agreement as to how to handle the estate when a family member dies. These informal agreements often lead to disputes and end up in probate litigation. This is...
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11Lost copy of will

What Do You Do if You Lost the Original Copy of a Will?

What do you do if you lost the original copy of a Will or you cannot find the original?  What if you can find a copy of the Will?  Can you probate a copy of the Will?  If...
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11muniment of title probate texas

Probate After a Muniment of Title

Muniment of title is an alternative to the probate process in Texas. It is cost-efficient.  It is fast–relatively speaking. A Will is required. Instead of appointing you as the executor, the probate court enters an order distributing property...
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