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life insurance beneficiary desigantion interpleader

How to Challenge the Validity of Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

What happens when there is a dispute between parties regarding the validity of a life insurance beneficiary designation? This scenario raises complex legal questions surrounding conflicting claims and the rightful entitlement to life insurance proceeds. The solution lies within the realm of “interpleader” lawsuits. These legal actions offer a remedy when parties notify the life […]

accessing a bank account

Case Study: Accessing a Bank Account

This case study involves a widow who was seeking assistance to access her late husband’s bank accounts. Despite presenting an affidavit of death and a death certificate and being the successor on the account, she was told by the bank that she needed a letter testamentary to access the account. This situation was complicated by […]

when a will is invalid

What Happens if a Will is Declared Invalid?

When a person passes away, their will typically outlines the distribution of their estate. However, there may be instances where a will is declared invalid due to a variety of reasons such as lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, or improper execution. When this occurs, the distribution of the decedent’s estate becomes a complex process. […]

forced heirship

Forced Heirship in Texas Probate

Should someone have the right to dispose of their property when they die as they see fit? Should the law impose a requirement to leave loved ones with equal shares? These competing policies have found their way into Texas probate law. Texas law used to provide for forced heirship, which resulted in equal shares and […]

Disputes Between Heirs Over Assets

Losing a loved one is an emotionally challenging experience. The process of settling their estate is complicated. This can put the survivors under quite a bit of stress. The stress often results in people acting and taking actions that they would not normally take. This can include everything from cutting corners, skirting even the most […]