Frequently Asked Questions


Probate is a process. It takes time. There are a lot of steps along the way. We created this series of pages to help our clients with frequently asked questions or issues.

About the Probate Process

  1. Do I have to hire a probate attorney? This page explains why a probate attorney usually has to be hired.
  2. How long does the probate process take? This page explains how long the typical probate takes.
  3. What is involved in a typical probate case? This page describes some of the common steps in a typical probate case.
  4. Do I need to probate a will if I am the only beneficiary? This page describes some of the situations when a probate is needed when there is a will and only one beneficiary.

Working With Us

  1. Who do we represent? This page explains that we represent either the applicant or others, not both.
  2. How much we charge. This page describes our typical fees.
  3. How much are the court costs and fees? This page sets out the typical court costs and fees.
  4. How we prefer to work. This page explains how we prefer to work with clients. It covers everything from communication preferences (email preferred), document delivery (electronic preferred), communications (paralegal or attorney), and invoicing and billing preferences.
  5. What we need to get started. This page explains what we need to get started on your case. This is typically an engagement letter, payment, and intake form. It may also include the will and death certificate, if available.
  6. Probate intake forms. This page provides our intake forms.
  7. What to expect from the attorney ad litem. This page describes how the ad litem will conduct his investigation.
  8. Directions to the Harris County probate courts. This page provides directions to the courts and describes the parking options.
  9. What to expect from the court hearings:
    1. About in-person probate hearings. This page provides an overview of what to expect with in-person probate hearings.
    2. About online probate hearings. This page provides an overview of what to expect with an online probate hearing.

Other Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you might try our Texas Probate Guide or contact us to ask about it.