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Information to Locate for Probate

When someone dies, their heirs and other interested parties have to piece together the information needed to probate the estate.  There are a number of documents and information to locate, including information about:

  1. The original documents, including wills and trusts, birth certificate and Social Security card (for the decedent and children), marriage licenses and divorce decrees, military discharge paperwork, immigration paperwork, and any electronic versions of these records.
  2. Any assets and title paperwork, such as car registration paperwork.
  3. Any debts and written evidence as to the amount of the debts.
  4. Any health and life insurance policies that may pay out.
  5. Any liability insurance policies that may cover lost property.
  6. Any open credit or service accounts that need to be terminated, in addition to Social Security or other government benefits.
  7. Any lawsuits that are pending, judgments, or liens.

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