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Estate Planning

Houston Estate Planning

Planning for the future is an essential part of protecting your assets and ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of. This category is dedicated to providing you with valuable information on estate planning in Texas, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced directives, and more. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Our Houston Probate Attorneys provide a full range of probate services to our clients. Affordable rates, fixed fees, and payment plans are available. We provide step-by-step instructions, guidance, checklists, and more for completing the probate process. We have years of combined experience we can use to support and guide you with probate and estate matters. Call us today for a FREE attorney consultation.

11inherit joint bank account

Who Inherits a Joint Bank Account in Texas

It is common for a parent to create a joint bank account with the intent that someone accesses the account to pay for their funeral or last expenses. Who owns this account once the parent dies? What about other bank accounts that are held jointly? Does the joint owner, surviving spouse or someone else inherits...
11judge in robe writing on paper

Court Makes Ruling in Michael Jackson Estate Case: Estate Taxes for Celebrities

When estates are left behind, particularly large ones, there is often a dispute. Such is the case with the estate of the late Michael Jackson. Even though he left this earth over a decade ago, the value of aspects of his estate is just now being decided by the courts. Michael Jackson was undoubtedly one...
11houston probate term of trust

Anti-Defamation Law Trumps Terms of Trust

There are laws that conflict with other laws. These conflicts are often due to competing policies. What may have been a good policy for one fact pattern, may not be a good policy given a slightly different fact pattern. The recent Marshall v. Marshall, Nos. 14-18-00094-CV, 14-18-00095-CV (Tex. App–Houston [14th]), case provides an example. The...
11simultaneous signatures on will

Are Simultaneous Signatures Required for a Will?

The making of a will is serious. A valid will dictates who gets your property and when they get it. An invalid will can result in your property passing according to Texas intestacy law. It can also set up an expensive probate dispute. This is why estate planning attorneys take such care in helping clients...
11sign will with rubber stamp

Signing a Will With a Rubber Stamp

A will has to be executed with the proper legal formalities. This includes having the terms of the will be in writing and signed by the decedent. There have been a number of disputes as to what counts as a writing and what counts as a signature. The courts have developed a plethora of cases...
11houston probate attorney homstead rights

Adult Child’s Rights to Parent’s House

Living arrangements can pose a number of problems when an older family member is placed in a home or they die. The family members have to decide what to do with the property. These issues often result in probate litigation after the parent dies. But what about when the parent is alive, but incapacitated? If...
11hand writing in a notebook

Can a Letter be Treated as a Handwritten Will in Texas?

Texas law allows for handwritten wills. A handwritten will can suffice if it is well-written. Most handwritten or holographic wills are not well-written. They often include ambiguous and conflicting language, omit assets or intended beneficiaries, and are executed at a time when the decedent may not have the requisite mental capacity to execute a will....
11person looking over paperwork

Planning for Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts are a valuable tool for parents and guardians of disabled individuals. These trusts can help to preserve eligibility for government benefits, provide additional financial support, and ensure that the beneficiary’s needs are met. Special needs trusts can provide additional resources for disabled minors and adults.  Special care has to be taken in...
11hand signing paper

What if You Can’t Talk or Sign a Will?

Generally, for a will to be valid, one has to communicate their wishes in a will and the will has to be signed.  This begs the question as to how someone who cannot speak or sign a will can execute a valid will.   The court addressed this in Estate of Luce, No. 02-17-00097-CV (Tex. App.-Ft. Worth 2018),...
11person writing on paper

Common Estate Planning Goals

Estate planning is an important process that helps to ensure that a person’s wishes are carried out after they pass away or become incapacitated. This process allows individuals to make decisions about their finances, property, and healthcare in advance, so that their loved ones and healthcare providers know how to act on their behalf if...
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