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Top 8 Grounds for Contesting a Will in Texas

Texas wills are frequently challenged in court.  This often happens when one or more heirs feels that there was some wrongdoing or error that caused them to receive less than their fair share.  There are a number of grounds for challenging a will in Texas.  Here are the top 8 grounds for challenging a Texas will:

  1. The will was not properly executed.
  2. The will was not executed with testamentary intent.
  3. The person was not of sound mind at the time the will was executed.
  4. The will was procured by the exercise of undue influence of another person.
  5. There was fraud or duress involved in executing or explaining the contents of the will.
  6. The will was forged.
  7. The will was revoked prior to death.
  8. The will is probated in the wrong county or state.

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