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Is it easy to go through probate yourself in Texas?

Hiring a probate lawyer can be expensive

Every day more Texans search for alternatives to the 2 century old traditional process of probate. Texans know they can save money, they know they can save time, and they know they can take control of the delicate probate process. The twenty-first century has seen the arrival of the internet, and the departure of traditional attorney-client probate.

Is probate easy to do yourself?

Without any prior insight to the probate process, at first glance it can seem scary. Among the common difficulties with probate is different laws in each county, a process that often takes over a year, and different complexities for each estate.

It is important to think of probate like a new baking recipe: The process in and of itself is not hard, but specific. Without proper instructions, you will not succeed.

With the proper instructions probate is an easy process that consists mostly of waiting.

What are the toughest parts of going through probate yourself?

While the many unique complexities of each estate often call for additional research, this is not usually the toughest part about going through probate by yourself. The toughest part about going through probate yourself is guidance. Each county in Texas has separate probate procedures along with separate documents and steps each person must follow.

Navigating and researching the specific rules and steps for each county is where people run into the most difficulty. This is due to the fact that although two given counties may have a similar probate rule, this rule might be enforced differently at the discretion of the local county.

How to begin

What we’ve created has never been done before in the state of Texas. We’ve created an innovative solution to help you get through the probate process, tailored to your specific estates needs.

We have created a client portal for clients who want to save money and take control of the probate process themselves. It is a communication tool that allows us to provide step-by-step instructions, guidance, checklists, etc. for completing the probate process tailored to your specific county. This allows us to communicate with our clients about their case on their terms.

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