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Probate mediation handled by an impartial, third party (a mediator) allows families an option to settle probate cases outside of the court system and avoid litigation.

Probate Mediation in Texas

About Mediation

In probate matters, mediation is a common method of resolving disputes and avoiding probate litigation. Mediation is a voluntary negotiation facilitated and assisted by an impartial third party (a mediator) trained in settling disputes. Unlike other forms of alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration, mediation is non-adjudicatory. No findings of fact or law, whether binding or non-binding are made by the mediator.

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The Mediation Process

Our attorneys can help you develop a mediation strategy by explaining the procedure, how it works, and what to expect as the process unfolds. Mediation takes place in stages, and we can serve as your legal counsel throughout the process. Having over 20 years of expertise in negotiation, mediation, and litigation, we know what it takes to successfully complete a mediation process.

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    Camille Tankersley, JD, handles probate, mediation, and estate planning matters.

    Camille Tankersley has been a trial lawyer for 23 years on both sides of the bar. Mrs. Tankersley has mediated hundreds of cases/disputes. She gets cases settled because she understands litigation and, more importantly, litigants. She specializes in Estate and Probate disputes both pre and post litigation.

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