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Probate Portal

Houston Probate Attorneys: Kreig LLC

Save Attorneys Fees
With Our Texas Probate System

We leverage technology and the internet to help you through the probate process. We put you in control of your case. Our Texas probate attorneys and paralegals are here to answer your questions. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Why Use Our System?

01. Track Your Progress

You to keep track of every step of the probate process using our system. You mark each step completed as you go, to let us know where you are on your case. You can also look ahead to get an idea of where your case is in the probate process.

02. Easy Communication

You can ask our attorneys questions about your probate case. This allows us to communicate with you on your terms. No more scheduling paid consultations and taking off work just to ask a probate question. Ask questions when you want and how you want.

03. Save Money

No need to pay attorneys fees for routine administration or pay by the hour for live consultations. Complete the steps you want, and reach out to us if you want us to administer any steps for you. This saves our clients thousands of dollars for each probate case.

What is a Lawyer-Assisted Probate?

Our online client portal is unlike anything that exists today.
Our portal allows us to divide up the work. We handle the court filings and court hearings with you. Using our step-by-step approach, you can handle everything else. If you want us to complete some of the steps, no problem. Just tell us which steps. And we are here to answer your questions along the way.
Our goal is to help you save money on attorneys fees and take control of your probate case, while making our attorneys even more accessible to answer your questions.

Already Started the Probate Process?

No worries! We can take over a case mid-stream and transition you into our online process. No matter where you are in the probate process, it is never too late to get things organized and make sure you are on track. Give us a call, 281-219-9090.

You follow our step-by-step directions online to complete the process.

We prepare court papers & handle the court hearing with you.

We are here to answer questions & call us today to see how we can help.

Handling probate without proper guidance can be costly.

We have years of combined experience we can use to support and guide you.

Our probate attorneys enjoy a reputation for sound advice & efficiency.