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Probate Articles
11houston probate court venue
What county do you file a probate application in for a Texas probate? The general rule is you file the application in the county in which the decedent resided. But this may not always be the case. The In re Estate of Griffith, No. 05-19-01144-CV (Tex. App.–Dallas [5th Dist.]), provides an example. Facts & Procedural...
11houston probate attorney law suit
If someone dies, does Texas law allow the dead person to sue you? The answer is not as clear cut as one would think. The court addresses this in Balderaz v. Martin, No. 13-18-00056-CV (Tex. App.-Corpus Christi 2019).
11attorneys fees probate houston
One of the issues that often comes up in probate cases is whether the parties can recoup their attorneys fees from the estate. The answer is usually yes, but there are rules involved. The Estate of Pharris, No. 10-17-00260-CV (Ct. App.–Waco 2019), case provides an opportunity to consider these rules. Facts & Procedural History This...
11guardianship attorney in houston
In probate and guardianship cases, the parties can appeal most court orders immediately. But what about the appointment of a temporary guardian? If you do not agree with the appointment, can you immediately appeal the probate court’s decision? The court addresses this in In Re Guardianship of Laverne T. Cady, No. 04-19-00588-CV (Ct. App. —...
11Houston probate attorney settlement agreement
Probate disputes are often resolved using family settlement agreements. These agreements can avoid the costs and delays of full will contests. But they can also lead to additional disputes. The Locasico v. Mongrain, No. 07-18-00280-CV (Tex. App.–7th Dist. 2019) case provides an example of a dispute involving a family settlement agreement in probate court. Facts...
11houston probate oath
Texas probate courts have broad powers that can be used to protect estates. This includes the power to remove the executor for the estate. But what if the executor did not want to be removed? What remedies do they have? The Estate of Skima, No. 05-18-01288-CV (Ct. App.–5th Dist [Dallas]), case provides an opportunity to...
There are special rules that are involved when a Texas resident dies without a will. One set of rules involves heirship proceedings. This is a legal term that refers to the process of identifying who is entitled to inherit from someone who died without a will. Heirship proceedings are often filed several years after the...
Probate disputes often involve wills that intentionally omit or fail to provide for one or more children. The probate courts provide a forum for resolving these disputes. But the omitted children may not want to deal with the probate process. For example, they may just file deeds to transfer the decedent’s real estate to themselves...
The person who serves as the personal representative in a Texas probate can be personally liable for certain actions or omissions. This is why many personal representatives opt for a dependent administration. But the personal representative can even be personally liable in a dependent administration. The recent Estate of Brazda, No. 01-18-00324-CV (Tex. App. [Houston...
11filing inventory TX probate
Can a handwritten letter that names an executor and does little else count as a valid will in Texas? The court addresses this in Estate of Silverman, No. 14-18-00256-CV (Tex. App.–Houston [14th Dist.] 2019).
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