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Buying Probate Properties

If You are an Investor

This may differ from what you read on the internet or, if you attended a “real estate guru” class, but we really do not want to receive inquiries from you about buying real estate.

If you are an investor looking to buy real estate from one of our probate clients, please do not send us emails or letters. We get bombarded with these communications.

As lawyers, we cannot share our client information with you. We also do not make recommendations to clients for investors to buy their properties.

If You Are Buying Real Estate

If you want to hire us to advise you on or help you buy real estate from a probate that we are not administering, we can help you with that.

We often help investors acquire probate properties. There are some very specific rules that come into play with probate properties. These rules impact whether you can get clear title, how to get rid of existing liens, etc.

If you have these types of questions, feel free to give us a call to talk or schedule an appointment online.