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Directions to the Probate Court

Directions to the Harris County Probate Courts

The Harris County Probate Courts are located at 201 Caroline St., Houston, TX 77002. The building looks like this:

Houston Probate Courthouse

Here is a map that you can use for directions:

There is only one entrance to the building that is available to the public. You’ll have to go through security on the first floor. Please note that security is thorough. They will make you take off your shoes, belts, and jackets. They will even check your keys to make sure there are no sharp objects. So please plan accordingly.

There are four probate courts in this building–probate court #1, probate court #2, probate court #3, and probate court #4.

These four courts are all located on the sixth and seventh floor. There are plenty of benches outside of the courtrooms if you arrive early. There are also bathrooms located outside of the courtrooms.

Parking Options

There are a number of options for parking. You can try parking on the street if you can find a spot. There are spots all around the building and neighborhing streets. This is usually the cheapest option.

There are also several parking garages and paid-open-air lots adjacent to the building. The largest parking garage across the street is usually available, but can fill up fast if there is a jury trial going on at the court house. You may have to park on the fifth or higher floor, so be prepared to go around-and-around as you work your way up the parking garage….