Blog Guest Posting Policies

Our Probate Blog does accept guest posts for publication. Please be aware that all guest post content must suit the needs of our audience as well as keep with the vision and theme of our blog.

The information below should serve as a guide to see if your idea for a guest post would be compatible with our blog and how to submit your idea.


Guest Post Editorial Guidelines

  • Guest posts should not contain paid or sponsored content.
  • Guest posts must contain appropriate content to the point of probate.
  • Guest posts should have applicable information to our readers.
  • Guest posts must not have been published on other sites, and must contain original content.
  • It is not accepted for guest posts to promote other business and products. These include but are not limited to videos, books, businesses, or services. 
  • Guest posts should be kept under 900 words.
  • Guest posts will not be published or will be removed in the event of any of the following actions: 
    • Inaccurately represents the identity of the poster.
    • Inaccurately represents an affiliation with an entity or person.
    • The post contains harmful, obscene, inaccurate, pornographic, racist, defamatory, offensive, harassing, or violent content.
    • The post violates or infringes upon anyone’s intellectual property rights.

How to Submit a Guest Post Proposal

  • Fill out the contact form below. Make sure to include your full name, a brief description of your intended post, and any affiliation with probate-related organizations, associations, or projects.
  • We will get in touch with you as soon as we have had a chance to review your proposal to confirm whether or not it has been accepted. Following acceptance, you will be given adequate time to write your post. 
  • Guest posts will be edited for content and clarity by our staff.  Guest post authors will be given the opportunity to review the edited version before it is published. We will not publish edited guest posts without author approval. At any time, we reserve the right to reject any post.